Welcome to TAXIBIZ-NASHVILLE, a source of information for both drivers and those who are new to riding a taxi in Nashville. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often for updates. We will begin our journey with some "rules of the road" in the taxi biz as well as a brief description of your rights as a customer and rights of the driver. There are no permanent ordinances or rules regarding these rights, but they are practiced and accepted by all concerned.
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Nighttime in Downtown Nashville
1. When calling a taxi, be sure of where you are. Simply saying "Holiday Inn Airport" may cause you to wait longer, since we have about three that claim the name. Let us know exatly which hotel. Ask for the street address or intersection from the desk clerk. If you are in an apatrment complex, make sure you give the building letter/number and apartment number and any directions the driver may need. If there is a gate code, give it to the call-taker as well. All your information is confidential and used only for the purpose of getting you the taxi. Also give the phone number (or romm number at a hotel) so that if there is a problem, we can contact you. Lastly, ALWAYS be looking out for the cab.

2. NEVER depend on the time frame a dispatcher gives you...they are not on the street and know nothing about the traffic conditions or how long it is going to take a cab to complete a run. They do not know which cab they are going to send you until one becomes available. Time frames are only given because people insist upon it. We are not psychic or we would be making $3.99 per minute...not $7.00 or so an hour.

3. Always be sure to ask a "local yokel" or the call-taker about how far it is from where you are to where you are going. Unfortunately, there are drivers out there who will take you the long way around to make a quick buck thinking they will never see you again and you won't report it. Be sure when you get in a cab to notice the company name on the doors along with the phone number. There is always a number posted on the front quarterpanel and the trunk as well. This way, if you do have a complaint, you know who to call and the company knows who to repremand. Getting a receipt is the best insurance for finding a bum driver.

4. If you know where you are going, do not be afraid to tell the driver how you want to's our job to take you your way of preference, and if the driver has a problem with that, exit the cab and take a different one. You do NOT have to take the first cab that arrives if you do not like the feel of things or he has a sour attitude.

5. Tipping is not mandatory, it is a reward for good service. Do not feel intimidated into tipping a driver who does not deserve it. Tipping bad service only encourages the bad behavior, and the driver will not change his ways if it doesn't hurt his pocket. The normal rule for tipping is 15% for good service, but I usually tip 25% for excellent service. In the end, it is up to you according to the service you receive.

6. Failure to pay taxi fare is considered "Theft of Service" and IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. If you refuse to pay up, the driver may have you arrested. If you feel you have been ripped off, call the company and report it. You should be able to get the excess amount back (I would make him give it all back if it were up to me). If the company's response is not satisfactory, call the Metropolitan Taxicab And Wrecker Licensing Board at 615-862-6777 and report the incident. If you don't report it, the driver will do it to someone else. Please do not feel bad about makes all of us look bad. You have the right to be treated fairly and respectfully...use it.

* The customer has the right to be treated fairly and with respect. You also have the right to be taken the shortest route possible at a fair price not to exceed the meter rates set by the city.
* The driver has the right to be treated with respect and to expell unruly, excessively rude, rowdy or threatening passengers at his discretion.


Rates in Nashville are as follows:
$7.00 meter pull from BNA
(airport due to tarriff)
$3.00 meter pull
$2.00 per mile
$1.00 per extra passenger (flat)
$18.00 per hour wait time

It is $25 FLAT per cab load between the Airport, Opryland and Downtown ONE-WAY. (note: WEST END/VANDERBILT AREA IS NOT DOWNTOWN, AND NIETHER IS THE EAST BANK/STADIUM AREA!) If you are charged ONE PENNY MORE, contact the Taxicab Board at 615-862-6777.

** Page Updated 09/16/2008**

** Please note: Taxi drivers are NOT required to load luggage, groceries or any other items you have with you. If the driver does help, count yourself blessed and be sure to thank him/her accordingly. The law in Nashville is "curb to curb service", so if you need assistance for any reason, please let the dispatcher know so they can send someone who will help you.

For taxi service, call Yellow Cab Metro, Inc. (615)256-0101

I no longer drive, but feel free to email your questions (my friends still do) :)Please forgive me if there is slow response. I only check the account weekly.

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